SAT with MachoMath by Dr. Aurangzeb

SAT Math Section

$25/- for a 50 minutes session when you study in a group of 5 to 8 students with 10 sessions every month.


Phase-I Assessment of Present Level


First of all  the instructor assesses the students’ level of Mathematical, Analytical and Quantitative skills. This assessment helps the instructor to tailor the pathway to success for each and every student. The assessment is made by posing SAT level problems to the students. 


Phase- II Arithmetics and Linear Equations 


In this phase concepts about fractions, percentages and linear algebraic equations are developed while working on SAT problems. Students also work on word problems involving creation of a system of linear equations that represent a real-world situation, and solution of a system of linear equations representing a situation.


Phase- III Problem Solving and Data Analysis 


This phase covers statement questions, infographics, rates, ratios, proportions, and percentages. These concepts are used to solve problems in real-world situations. This phase also covers equalities and inequalities.


Phase- IV Elimination of Choices, Statistics and Probability


In this phase the students learn statistics and probability. It includes statistical and graphical analyses covering basic concepts in statistics like mean, median, mode, standard deviation and basic probability required for SAT. 


Phase- V Functions, Quadratics, Complex Numbers


In this phase students master answering questions on functions, transformations, and related topics. This phase also covers methodologies to solve quadratic equations, their graphs and working with complex numbers. 


Phase- VI  Geometry, Trigonometry 


In this phase students learn geometry questions involving lines, angles, triangles, and three-dimensional solids. The students learn how to compute perimeter, area, volume, and  surface area of geometric figures.  


Phase- VII Practice Test


This section gives a realistic experience of a SAT test. The students’ performance is evaluated and the feedback is used to tailor the future study plan.

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